About Us

Hi everyone! My name is Angie Fijington and welcome to my website about a healthy lifestyle.


People are constantly in search of something new for themselves. For this purpose, they are also looking for trainers who could guide them on the right path, help them start improving, develop, discover new sides in themselves, get to know and understand themselves and their bodies better. As a rule, physical exercise is not just a sport or an activity to kill time. This is one of the ways to establish a balance between your physical and moral state, to put in order not only your body but also your spirit. And I am here to help you find the right path to the best version of yourself and to walk with you this long thorny path that will lead you to something truly beautiful and amazing.

I am a passionate personal trainer, listening directly to your body to ensure you achieve your goals and missions, both physically and mentally. I ensure that I take the time to know every client’s goal and strive to have them achieve that under my guidance and workouts.

My story

I was born and raised in the Midwest. From a young age, my passion for sports, fitness, and the delicate workings of the human body was clear. I really liked to do sports: at home, in the fresh air, in the gym. Alone or in the company of friends, I completely devoted myself to the process during training. Undoubtedly, I have read a lot about it. I read books, studied articles and manuals to begin to better understand that what gives me so much pleasure. And then I decided to make my passion a career and took the first steps by earning a bachelor’s degree from Coe College, Iowa in Athletic Training. It was not easy: a lot of theory was added to the practice. I had to study a lot and become a brilliant professional in this field. And I did it!

Since 2002 I have already trained over 3,000 athletes, no matter what their sport is. As a licensed Athletic Trainer, I have studied my clients intensely to understand the natural mechanical flaws that can occur be it through running, jumping, or skating. I am not just your average trainer, with my invaluable experience, I know how to go above and beyond as a trainer to ensure that you listen to your body and prevent any unnecessary sports injuries. Undoubtedly, many trainers are good and know what they are doing. But even though not every one of them can really understand their client, feel him, find his strengths and weaknesses, as I can do.

Now I combine my knowledge both as a Certified TRX Instructor and an HRC Certified Kettlebell Instructor to create unique and effective workouts for you. I love to combine different workout techniques to your customized exercise be it through combining battling ropes, balance training, medicine ball, or functional training with the likes of dumbbells or classic elements of yoga. Of course, each sport is beautiful in its own way and each basic training gives a good result. However, I am creating completely new individual workouts that combine exercises from various fields. Combining exercises is a very effective way to increase the productivity of training. But despite this, you should not abuse it. Moreover, not every trainer can correctly generate a completely new exercise based on several others. This is not an easy task, since it is important to take into account the correct distribution of the load on the body, where the center of gravity will be located during the exercise and what it will affect in general.

With my cutting-edge, innovative approach along with my vast understanding of the human body then I thrive to create unique training programs for anyone, no matter what their skill set. It doesn’t matter to me whether a person is tall or short, fat or thin, young or elderly. I will be able to create a training program for everyone, and it will be as suitable and effective as possible. I also want to note that it will not harm your health in any way, because the exercises will be created based on your physiological characteristics. thus, you will get maximum satisfaction and benefit from these activities and absolutely no discomfort or harm.

In addition to the fact that I am a personal trainer, I also run my own blog, where I post some video exercises, tips on self-care to achieve an ideal figure, useful life hacks, and much more.

Experience & certificates

In order not to be unfounded, here is a list of my achievements and certificates confirming my professional competence:

  • Licensed Athletic Trainer;
  • Certified TRX Instructor;
  • HRC Certified Kettlebell Instructor;
  • Trained over 3,000 Athletes;
  • Almost 20 years of experience.

Reviews & testimonials

“I love working out with Angie. She has an amazing, uplifting attitude that inspires and motivates me to thrive and reach my highest potential. The training techniques she uses, kettlebells and TRX are fun to do, and I have had great results.

I highly recommend Angie as a trainer; her prices are very fair, and the workout experience is fun and most importantly I achieve results.

Our work extends way beyond our time spent in the gym. She has helped me create awareness on all levels to help me achieve the lifestyle I want to create physically and emotionally.”

– David K.

“I have been working out with Angie for over two years and can honestly say I wouldn’t want to know what “gym life” would be like without her!

As a personal trainer, Angie is very competent. She is knowledgeable and always has a positive attitude and good energy. No matter what kind of workout I want to do, Angie is able to adjust her techniques to meet my needs – and then some!

Whether it’s training with kettlebells or free weights to increase strength, or running and boxing for a cardio session, she is able to create an effective workout and kick my butt!

Angie is a great trainer; I would highly recommend her both personally and professionally.”

– Becky

In conclusion

I hope I was able to show you my best side and arouse your interest in what I do. I will be happy to cooperate and help you become the best version of yourself. Together we will be able to choose and develop a training program and reach unprecedented heights!