“People seek out a personal trainer because they want more for themselves. Exercise is one crucial component in creating balance in your body and in your life, and typically acts as a catalyst to lifestyle changes. I’m here to kickstart your change.”

Angie is a passionate personal trainer, listening directly to your body to ensure you achieve your goals and missions, both physically and mentally.

Angie ensures that she takes the time to know what every client’s goal and strives to have them achieve that under her guidance and workouts.

Licensed Athletic Trainer
Certified TRX Instructor
HRC Certified Kettlebell Instructor
Trained over 3,000 Athletes
Almost 20 years experience


Angie was born and raised in the Midwest. From a young age, Angie’s passion for sports, fitness and the delicate workings of the human body was clear. She decided to make her passion a career and took the first steps by earning a Bachelor Degree from Coe College, Iowa in Athletic Training.

Since 2002 Angie has trained over 3,000 athletes, no matter what their sport is. As a licensed Athletic Trainer, she has studied her clients intensely to understand the natural mechanical flaws that can occur be it through running, jumping or skating. Angie isn’t just your average trainer, with her invaluable experience, she knows how to go above and beyond as a trainer to ensure that you listen to your body and prevent any unnecessary sports injuries.

Angie now combines her knowledge both as a Certified TRX Instructor and an HRC Certified Kettlebell Instructor to create unique and effective workouts for you at Konscious Body Fitness. She loves to combine different workout techniques to your customized exercise be it through combining battling ropes, balance training, medicine ball or functional training with the likes of dumbbells or classic elements of yoga.

With Angie’s cutting-edge, innovative approach along with her vast understanding of the human body then she thrives to create unique training programs for anyone, no matter what their skill set.

Contact Angie and the team at Konscious Body Fitness today and book your first session.

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