Privacy Policy

The main rules of the privacy policy of our website are presented below ( Please read them carefully to know the rights under which you provide us with your data, how and why they are stored, and what we do with them during the entire time of your use of our site.

On our website, we collect the data of our users, as this is a mandatory procedure that can’t be ignored. We collect the following data: the user’s email address, name, and IP address to be able to track the placement of prohibited content on our site (spam, advertising, indecent comments, etc.). Also, data collection can help you to leave comments as quickly and easily as possible in the future and not wait for them to be checked and viewed by the site moderators. You give us your data when filling out the profile registration form on our website. If you refuse to provide data, you may have problems using the site and publishing comments to posts.

Before you can leave comments on our site on behalf of your profile, you need the site moderators to approve it. You will need to fill in the necessary information and upload your real photos, after which your profile will be sent for verification. If everything complies with the rules of our resource, then your profile is approved, and you can freely use the site and leave comments without their subsequent verification by the editors and moderators of the site. We reserve the right not to comment on the refusal to create a profile on our resource.

Please remember that when uploading a photo to your profile or in a comment, you should not upload photos that contain information about your location. This information can be used by other users of the site, hackers, or Internet scammers for their own purposes. We are not responsible for any harm that you may receive due to uploading photos with your location to our resource.

You cannot upload a fake photo or a photo containing prohibited content (pornography, suicidal photos, photos of a terrorist nature) to your profile. Profiles with such photos will be blocked and deleted, as they will violate our privacy policy.

We don’t advise you to publish comments on the site that contain your confidential information. By doing this, you understand and agree that your data is not protected, and it can be taken and used by anyone for various purposes. We reserve the right not to be responsible for the harm caused to you through the use of your personal information that you voluntarily left on our resource.

Our site doesn’t collect your confidential data (passport data, passwords, etc.). We collect only the information we need, which is not so much. It is stored on our servers and is never sent to any services or person. We don’t share your nicknames, passwords, or photos. The only case when we will have to use your personal data is when you forget your account password and send a request to restore it. In this case, we will have to take some of your personal data from the archives to send you a link to reset your password by email. This information will also include your IP address.

Your data is stored on our resource indefinitely. The storage time of our users ‘ data on the site is not limited. This is done for your own convenience, so that you can log in to the site in your account at any time, even after several years. The data is stored until the site is deleted or until you send a request to delete it yourself. However, we would like to warn you that even in this case, some necessary data will remain in the system, necessary for legal purposes. We can’t delete such data, and it is stored in the system for some time. This data is not particularly important, and you cannot log in to your account with it, if it is deleted, you will have to create a new one.

We want to assure you that your data remains safe and secure on the website. We don’t send them anywhere, don’t save or publish them on third-party resources, don’t sell or transfer them to third parties, individuals, or legal entities. The only thing we can do is to send your comments to the automatic spam checking service. In this case, only your profile data is transmitted. We do it for the reason that if the system recognizes spam in your comments, it can block your comment or profile.

You have the opportunity to edit your profile information with the exception of your username. You are able to change the information about yourself, your photo, or delete it all. But we remind you that it is better to immediately specify reliable information when registering so that you don’t have to change it later. Frequent changes of profile information can attract the attention of moderators to your profile. Also, the moderators of our site can change your profile information or delete it if it violates the rules of our site. We reserve the right to delete profiles that violate the rules of our resource, without warning users.

Our website collects cookies for its full functioning. They don’t cause you any harm and do not reveal your identity, they are only needed for the performance of our resources. They are stored in your browser until you want to delete them yourself. You can refuse to collect cookies, but in this case, we can’t guarantee you the correct and full-fledged operation of the resource. Cookies store information about your name and email address (this information is contained in your profile on the site) at the time when you leave comments under posts. This is done so that you do not have to log in to your account again every time in order to leave a comment.

When you write to us with any question, the data provided by you is stored with us for 6 months. We do this so that we can quickly contact you and answer all your questions. This data is not distributed anywhere, is not sold, or sent to anybody. After 6 months, they are deleted.

We reserve the right to change, edit or delete this privacy policy of our website without warning users. In order to have the latest and newest information, periodically visit this page and check for changes and updates.