Whether you prefer to work in a group with others or to challenge yourself individually then we have a group lesson or method that can be tailored to your specific needs. We have worked with all types of individuals, all with unique goals and we are sure we can find the correct combination to help you excel to reach your dream. Read on and find out more.

Semi-Private Group Training or Private Sessions

Discover the health benefits of friendly competition, community spirit and team comradery that Konscious Body Fitness offers in its small group personal training sessions. Sculpt your full body, increase your cardiovascular endurance, improve balance, flexibility, core stability and gain more strength and power. Learn the true meaning of functional fitness and how it applies to your daily life.

Take a look at our classes to see which ones fall in line with your expectations and goals and we will be able to assist in tailoring either a group session or a private lesson just for you.


Our gym workouts are to prepare you for your real life outdoors; hiking, biking, climbing, walking, playing with your children, carrying groceries and simply feeling good in your body.

Our highly trained professionals have the skills and knowledge to design a fun, highly effective, safe and dynamic workout. We use workout methods and styles that incorporate both the body and mind. Here are some of the pieces of training that we use.


Suspension Bodyweight Training Exercise.


The alternative to tradition weightlifting

Community Accupuncture & Sound Meditation

Every system in the body benefits from taking time to breathe, be still and balance “qi“ or “chi.“


This free weight is great for muscle development and growth.


Great for an all over workout, not just the upper body.


Exert your muscles to the max for short periods at a time. Great for power growth.


Great for balance mind, strength and flexibility.


Rebounder mini trampoline for Health & Fitness.


A core tool used for our balance training.



Challenge Yourself

TRX Suspension Training

Develop your strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously

Have Fun

Bellicon Bounce

This fun workout uses a rebounder mini trampoline to assist in toning your upper body, core and lower body all in one.

For Athletes

Sport Specific Training

Not all sports use the same muscles. No matter what your sport or passion we tailor to your needs

Stay strong

Private Kettlebell Training

Offers superior results to prior weight training exercises as well as being fun and challenging

Change your mind, change your body.

The LifeLine Technique

Creating the best possible conditions for your body to heal and grow

Health and Wellness

Community Accupuncture

The ancient technique is combined with sound healing and meditation to help restore your energy levels